Hardware & Lumber Services in Coweta, OK

Color Cabinet

Coweta Hardware & Lumber offers numerous services to our customers that assist with home and business projects.

Paint Color Match


There are an infinite number of colors, and each person’s idea of “sky blue” or “deep red” varies. Coweta Hardware & Lumber offers paint color matching so you get the exact shade you have in mind. We can match other paint samples, photographs, or objects to the paint color we mix for you. Our advanced computer software combined with the skills of our hardware team will get you accurate colors every time. If you can bring it in, we can match it.

Glasses & Windows

Coweta Hardware & Lumber installs glass and screens for doors and windows. This includes single and double pane. We work with new installations, repairs and replacements. Whether you need one window or every window in the home replaced, our team can get the job done quickly. We begin with a detailed estimate for the work and schedule an appointment at a convenient time for you.


Coweta Hardware & Lumber can easily replicate keys in a matter of minutes. If you want a spare key for yourself or additional keys for family members or roommates, we can create an exact copy of the key. We also have fun key designs that can be cut to fit your locks. We cut keys for exterior and screen residential doors, interior doors, garage doors, office buildings, stores, and many other types of keys.


Coweta Hardware & Lumber also offers re-keying services. If you are changing the locks on your home or you just want everything keyed the same, we can re-key the locks to either a new key or one of your existing keys. Re-keying is also done for security purposes after a break-in or a precaution after moving in. We can install new doorknobs and locks at your location, or you can bring in the old ones and we will work with you from there.

Onsite Installation

Coweta Hardware & Lumber offers onsite installation for all of our lumber and hardware products. We will give you a cost and time estimate before completing the project. Our installation experts complete door, window, lock, screen, and any lumber related installation. We will come out to your home or business—all you have to do is contact us.


Delivery services are also available on large orders and rental equipment. Our delivery team works with care and accuracy, following your instructions for storage and installation.